RM Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory service that offers original investment advice, analysis and research.

Why use RM Wealth Management?

  • We provide fee-based advice, we don’t sell anyone’s products, making us truly independent.
  • We only work for the client. We have no links to other financial companies or banks.
  • We offer a performance-based fee structure to ensure interests are aligned with the client.
  • We aim for consistent absolute returns.
  • Assets can be held in the client’s existing bank.
  • We keep costs to a minimum and can negotiate lower fees on your behalf.
  • Clients retain control over their assets rather than handing them over to someone else.
  • We believe capital preservation is a basic foundation for sustainable capital growth.
  • Client numbers will always remain low in order to provide a genuinely personal level of service.

The concept of having a trusted advisor who works only in your interests, who will not try to sell you a product, is something that is quite rare in the world of investments. We challenge the accepted client relationship models that have been established by the investment industry and give clients a service they can trust and rely on, and that their children will also be able to rely on.

If you lost a lot of money in the 2008 financial crisis then you need to speak to us before it happens again. It was avoidable, as our clients can testify.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work and how we can improve the way you manage your investments, please read the other sections in the website and feel free to contact Richard McCreery directly to discuss any related matters.

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